Due May 15, 2018 | Houston

1st Annual Aunt Kim Scholarship

This $500.00 scholarship is designated for single parents that are attending college or university. Applicants must complete the application, essay and submit transcripts. Any applicant that does not complete all requirements will not be considered.
1st Annual Aunt Kim Scholarship

Due Date

Due May 15, 2018
Houston, Houston, TX, USA

About the Scholarship

Candice was passionate about education. Although she passed away shortly before obtaining her degree in Psychology from Houston Tillison College, she often worked two jobs while raising and supporting her family. In 2002, Candice completed a training program through Memorial-Herman Hospital where she completed her post secondary non-degree award as a Surgical Technician. This same year, she completed a program through First Metropolitan Church as a Christian Counselor. Up until a month before her passing, Candice would commute weekly from Houston to Austin pursuing her dreams of obtaining her college degree. It is through this unbridled passion and perseverance for the pursuit of a higher education that we present this namesake scholarship in honor of Candice Cade Mitchell!

If you are a currently a single parent, with children 0 to 18 years of age that are attending grade school, we invite you to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship can be used to pay for education balances that will aid you in a achieving a post secondary degree. Candice was passionate about education and we are thrilled that you at too!

Your application must be completed and submitted by May 15, 2018. Completed applications must be accompanied with your most recent transcripts from your current high school or college and your written essay. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you have any questions, please email info@ccmfoundation.com.

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